Your free guide to essential concrete patio maintenance

Your free guide to essential concrete patio maintenance

After months of a cold, miserable winter, when the sun finally breaks through and the temp warms up – you’ll want to be out relaxing, eating, and enjoying your outside space as fast as you can right?

You’ve got a concrete patio that’s perfect for entertaining and chilling out… expect when it isn’t.

Because you haven’t looked after it.

Because it’s old and tired.

Because it’s worn out and faded in places.

Because it’s got cracks in it or weeds growing through.

Then your patio doesn’t seem inviting at all – it seems like it’s in dire need of some TLC.

Like it needs some essential concrete maintenance.

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.


Taking care of your concrete patio is easy

It might seem like you’re in need of a new patio, but actually, looking after an older concrete patio isn’t a difficult task.

It’s not time consuming and it’s not expensive.

In fact, it’s actually really simple to bring an old concrete patio back to life.

With a few simple steps you can revive your old patio so it’s as good as new.

 Concrete patio revived

The three areas of patio maintenance

Pattern imprinted concrete patios are generally really easy to maintain… that’s why they’re so popular!

Once they’re laid, they’ll last for decades, and you don’t need to worry about wobbly bricks, moss and weeds or loose stones.

That’s if you stay on top of things.

Because like any surface that’s exposed to outdoor conditions and the great British weather, your printed concrete patio still needs a little looking after.

And if you’ve haven’t paid it any attention in the last few years, it’s time to do some essential maintenance. It’s time to:

  1. Clean 
  2. Repair 
  3. Re-Seal 


1. Cleaning your concrete patio

Pattern imprinted concrete is super hardwearing and super durable, repelling lots of the typical grime that other patios attract.

But it’s not magic, and it will still get dirty.

Keeping it clean is super simple – just brush leaves and dirt off every now and then.

If you’ve got a power washer or even just a hose, whizz that over it a few times a year.

But if you really want to give it a proper clean – and you don’t want to get on your hands and knees scrubbing – then just pick up a tub of Berg Pro’s Patio Super Cleaner.

It’s dead easy to use. Mix with some water, and then just brush over your patio – no effort needed!

Make sure you have a good quality soft bristle brush.

Use it regularly and you’ll maintain a stunning looking patio year in, year out.

And when you use it for the first time, you’ll see an incredible improvement in the look and condition of your concrete patio.


2. Repair cracks in your concrete patio

When you’ve got your patio cleaned up and looking better, you’ll next want to fix any cracks or chips that have developed.

They happen. That’s just normal wear and tear with concrete over time.

But you don’t want them getting worse, so you’ll need to do some essential – but straightforward – maintenance.

  • First, get some Berg Pro Chip and Crack Repair (we’ve got over 20 different colours to match your patio type)
  • Mix a small amount of power with some water (or sealer) 
  • Grab a trowel or knife, and paste the mixture over any chips and into any cracks (just like repairing a wall) 
  • Smooth over and leave to dry 

If you’ve got any fine cracks you want to fix – simply brush the repair powder straight into them and pour a little water over.


3. Re-sealing your concrete patio

Pattern imprinted concrete is generally sealed when it’s laid, to add an extra layer of protection over the surface, repelling water, grime and common stains. It helps keeps the patio’s colour and general great look.

But over time, a seal can fade away too.

So for the best concrete patio maintenance, you’ll want to re-seal your patio every 2 to 3 years.

Sound complicated? It’s not. It’s really simple to do yourself.

We’ve got a detailed step by step re-sealing guide here, but all you need to do is:

  • Choose your concrete patio sealer – matt look or gloss look 
  • Clean your patio thoroughly (which you should have done already!)
  • Wait for it to fully dry, and make sure you have a completely dry day
  • Pour your sealer into a large bucket 
  • Add in Berg Pro Anti-Slip to stop you and the family sliding over your revived patio
  • Mix together and then dip your sealing brush in
  • Brush evenly across your patio
  • Wait 4 hours to walk on 

2 step concrete patio resealed

It’s that quick and that simple

An hour’s work (depending on your patio size) to re-seal your patio, and your maintenance is done for another 2 or 3 years.

Stay on top of things, and that essential concrete patio maintenance just becomes a general maintenance task – a regular clean and then a re-seal every couple of years.

Do that – and you’ll be rushing out to that stunning patio every time the sun shines.

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