Driveway & Patio Maintenance Calendar

Discover the ultimate guide to keeping your driveway and patio in the best possible shape, all year round. 

What is the BergPro Maintenance Calendar?

 This is our super helpful, super easy-to-use calendar to give you all the tips, advice and product recommendations you need – every season – to stay on top of your driveway or patio maintenance. Whatever the weather, we’ve got recommendations for the best jobs for the season.

And if we can do it, you can do it too!


Jobs to do

Spring is the perfect time to start sprucing up your driveway or patio. After winter, it’s probably looking a bit dirty, and if you’ve not used your patio since last summer, there’s probably a build-up of grime, moss and black lichen.

Give your patio or driveway surface a good deep clean before the weather warms up, and use the time to look for any repairs you might need to make (when the weather allows). 


Jobs to do

As soon as the weather warms up (and dries up), you can refresh and revive your driveway or patio with a new seal. Summer is the best time to re-seal any concrete or block paving, because you need the surface to be completely dry. 

A quick re-seal will protect your driveway for at least two years, and you can use this time to add anti-slip (in preparation for the winter) and repair any cracks in your concrete. 

You might even want to give your drive or patio a brand new look, by adding a colour tint to your sealer. Early summer is the time to go big with a new look, so you can enjoy it all season. 


Jobs to do 

Driveway and patio maintenance can get a littler trickier in the autumn as the weather starts to turn. But, you should still have some decent days to finish up any little jobs.  

If you’ve already re-sealed, then all you’ll need to do is give your drive or patio a quick brush every now and then to sweep away any fallen leaves. But if you haven’t, autumn is your last chance to re-seal those surfaces and give them extra protection through winter. 

Now’s the perfect time to complete any chip or crack repairs and add in anti-slip to your sealer so that you won’t slip when walking over that concrete drive or patio during the cold winter months. 


Jobs to do 

If you’ve stayed on top of maintenance this year, and re-sealed your driveway before the weather turned cold and wet, then there’s not much you need to do during the winter. 

The only thing you’ll really need to focus on is clearing any ice or snow that can form on the surface during these cold months. Don’t use rock salt – it’s corrosive to the surface and doesn’t work very well. 

We’ve got a much easier, much quicker, and much more effective alternative. 

Get personalised help and advice 

Not sure how to maintain, fix up or transform your driveway or patio? Not 100% clear on what you need to do (or what you should buy) to keep it in the best shape?  

We’re here to help. Just send us some pictures of your surface and our team will share their expert recommendations – completely free!