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Driveway and Patio Super Cleaner (moss)

Driveway and Patio Super Cleaner (moss)

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The simplest, fastest way to clean moss, algae and black spots from your drive or patio.

What is it?
BergPro’s extra tough cleaner for driveways and patios – both concrete and block paving.

Why use it?
Get rid of all that unsightly moss, green algae and black lichen spots that can be a right nuisance on your drive or patio – with next to no effort! No scrubbing, no power washing. BergPro’s driveway and patio cleaner is perfect for block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, tarmac and resin.

Use BergPro driveway and patio super cleaner to:

  • Remove stubborn moss, black spots and algae from your drive or patio
  • Clean your driveway or patio quickly and easily
  • Free your patio or driveway from years of built-up grime
  • Bring an old, ugly driveway or patio back to life with a fresh, clean stunning new look
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      Get the most from your driveway and patio super cleaner

      How to use:

      • 1. Sweep away any loose dirt or debris.
      • 2. Wet your driveway or patio with a hosepipe
      • 3. Mix one part patio and driveway cleaner with one part water in a watering can or our Ox moss clean sprayer
      • 4. Pour over the affected areas, brush in to agitate the cleaner and wait for an hour or so
      • 5. Make sure the area doesn't go dry as this will stop the cleaner from working
      • 6. Rinse off with water

      Coverage & amounts:

      A 5-litre tub will cover around 40m², and a 25-litre will cover around 200m².

      Top tips & tricks:

      • Don’t apply on a hot sunny day – your drive or patio needs to stay wet for an hour while the cleaner works
      • Use neat on really stubborn areas of black spot
      • Most grime will come off with just one application, but some tough areas may need a second go.

      Technical specifications:

      Avoid contact with skin and eyes to avoid irriatation.

      Frequently asked questions

      Do I really need a special cleaning solution for my patio?

      No, you don’t need to use a Super Cleaner like this one. You
      could try detergent and lots and lots of elbow grease, scrubbing and spraying
      several times. Or you can just pour this on and power hose away all the dirt
      and grime effortlessly in seconds.

      What should I use to apply this super cleaner to my drive?

      You can dilute and mix this cleaner in either just a
      standard watering can, and then use that to pour it across your surface or use
      one of our Ox
      . Both work well, a sprayer will just get the job done quicker and

      Is this a good cleaner for concrete?

      Yes, this Super Cleaner is designed specifically for pattern
      imprinted concrete, and will work well across plain concrete too. It attacks
      moss, algae, lichen and those stubborn black spots in no time at all.

      Is this concrete cleaner safe for outdoor walls?

      It is yes! We had one customer use it on brick walls in the
      garden, next to their concrete patio, and the results were really good. It
      cleared all the moss off the wall in minutes.

      Will this super cleaner damage my grass?

      As with any chemical cleaner, this could cause some damage
      to grass if it’s poured straight onto it. But if you dilute the solution and
      take care, a little run off should be fine. It’s always best to avoid where
      possible though.

      Do I need to dilute this?

      Yes, our Super Cleaner should be diluted 1:1. That means one
      part solution, one part water. In really stubborn cases of black spot, you
      could pour a little bit of solution neat onto your drive or patio, but take
      care (and test in a small area first).

      Should I wet my driveway before applying this cleaner?

      Yes, you’ll need to wet your driveway – a quick spray of the
      hosepipe – first, because the Super Cleaner works best when it sits on top of
      the surface, rather than soaking into it.

      Is there any outdoor surface this driveway and patio cleaner doesn’t work on?

      While this Super Cleaner is great for concrete and block
      paving, we don’t recommend using it on natural stone, as it could cause some
      discolouration. Avoid it coming into contact with grass too (real or

      Will this cleaner work on a tarmac, or will it discolour the driveway?

      As long as you mix the cleaner to the recommended ratios, it
      should be absolutely fine to use on tarmac to clean the surface and remove
      moss. It won’t discolour tarmac.

      Can I use this to clean my concrete patio?

      Yes, absolutely. This Super Cleaner makes concrete patio
      cleaning super easy, and works wonders on any moss, algae or black spots.

      Will this super cleaner remove black spots I have on my block paving?

      It will remove most black spots from block paving, yes. The
      Super Cleaner is designed to target moss, algae and black spots on block paving
      and concrete. For really, really stubborn black spots, like those that have
      been down a long time, you might need a couple of applications (and might even
      want to apply the cleaner neat to that specific area).

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