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Snow & Ice Thaw - Driveway & Patio De-icer

Snow & Ice Thaw - Driveway & Patio De-icer

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The easier, safer and more effective way to de-ice your patio & driveway.

What is it?
The perfect alternative to rock salt to keep your drive and patio snow & ice free AND protect the surface underneath.

Why use it?
BergPro’s Snow & Ice Thaw is the fastest, safest way to melt ice and snow on any hard external surface. It’s 5 times better than traditional rock salt.

Whether you need to clear your driveway or make sure your patio is safe to walk on, our Snow & Ice Thaw is the easy way to de-ice this winter. 

Easy to apply, fast-working and best of all SAFE for pets AND for driveway and patio sealed surfaces.

Get our snow & ice thaw and get:

  • Ice-free paths, patios and driveways in minutes
  • A certified pet-safe de-icer
  • A surface-safe de-icer – ideal for all sealed concrete and block paving drives and patios
  • The faster and safer alternative to rock salt – PLUS it’s more environmentally friendly too!
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Frequently asked questions

Why use Snow & Ice Thaw instead of rock salt?

Rock salt isn’t the most effective de-icing solution for paths, driveways and patios. It only works in certain temperatures, and doesn’t last for very long. Worst still, it can be dangerous to pets AND will start to corrode the sealant on your pattern imprinted concrete of block paving surfaces. 

Our Snow & Ice Thaw is both pet safe and surface safe – and works faster and more effectively than other de-icers or traditional rock salt. 

Is this de-icer safe for pets?

Yes absolutely, our Snow & Ice Thaw is completely paw friendly. It’s safe for dogs, cats and any other animal that might wander up and down your drive or across your patio.

Will this melt snow & ice on a concrete driveway?

Yes, it’s the perfect de-icer for pattern imprinted concrete because it’s non-corrosive. That means it won’t damage the sealer on your concrete, instead keeping it protected from those wintry elements.

Can I use this on a tarmac driveway?

Yep, Snow & Ice Thaw works great on tarmac drives and paths, and won’t damage the tarmac or asphalt surface.  

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