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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer (Gloss Finish)

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer (Gloss Finish)

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The quick and easy way to seal or re-seal your printed concrete driveway and patio with a silk, satin and wet look finish.

What is it?
BergPro’s Gloss Finish sealer for concrete driveways and patios.

Why use it?
It’s the best-selling, best choice if you want a simple and highly effective way to seal your pattern imprinted concrete driveway or patio. If you want to breathe new life into your concrete and protect it against wear and tear, use this!

BergPro gloss finish is the perfect concrete sealer to:

• Rejuvenate old, worn and tired looking concrete drives and patios
• Prevent yellowing and sun damage
• Revive the colour of a drive or patio that’s been down a few years
• Protect from stains and spills like oil, petrol and diesel
• Protect from wear, tear and everyday use
• Increase the lifespan of your pattern imprinted concrete

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Get the most from your pattern imprinted concrete sealer (gloss finish)

How to use:

  • 1. Clean your driveway or patio with a power washer and our BergPro surface cleaner a few days before
  • 2. Make sure it’s completely bone dry on the day you want to seal
  • 3. Pour into a CLEAN, dry bucket and grab a Berg Pro brush
  • 4. Mix in any BergPro Colour Tint or BergPro Anti-Slip if you need it
  • 5. Brush across the concrete surface in thin layers
  • 6. Wait 4 hours to walk on it (Give it a couple of days before driving on it)

Coverage & amounts:

One litre typically covers around 4 to 5m²If your surface is in a bad condition or more porous, you’ll need a little more. 

Most seals and re-seals require two coatings. 

Top tips & tricks:

  • Wait until a completely dry day to apply, with no rain forecast
  • Blow or brush the surface before you apply – don’t use any water
  • Too hot or too cold? Wait another day. Imprinted concrete sealer works best in temperatures between 8 and 20°C
  • Keep your brush moving around so you don’t let the sealant pool and congeal
  • Don’t apply your 2nd coat of concrete sealer too soon. Make sure it’s dry or you’ll leave footprint marks.
  • Don’t put rock salts on sealers. It can help let water in and break the seal.
  • Your seal should last for 3 to 5 years. Pop a fresh coast of sealer on then to keep your driveway or patio looking sparkling new.

Technical specifications:

Technical & Test Data

Has been tested by the TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and certified that it meets the SRV (Skid Resistance Value) for all categories of paving for local authority pedestrian areas and when heavily trafficked is suitable for special applications where risks of skidding are high as laid down in the UK Highway Authorities Tender Specification.

Health & SafetyFlammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep the application area well ventilated. Wear a respirator when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 42°C (Abel-Closed Cup).

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between gloss and matt?

The only real difference between our matt
and gloss pattern imprinted concrete sealers are the final finish. As with
paint, matt will give you softer, duller finish and gloss gives a shinier,
brighter finish.


If you’re looking for a vibrant, wetter look, than gloss
should be your choice.

What colour will this look on my driveway?

This gloss sealer dries clear. It will show the current
colour of your driveway, though it can enhance that colour a little. Look at
your drive or patio when clean and wet – this is the colour you’ll get with the


If you want a different colour, then try our Colour Tint
Sealer Add-In

Is this sealer slip-resistant?

Our concrete sealers – like any sealers – have a little bit
of slip resistance in them, but we ALWAYS recommend adding a high-quality anti-slip
to give you that extra protection for your driveway or patio.

Does this give a wet look for my patio?

Yes, this gloss sealer will leave your concrete with a wet,
shiny finish. If you want a softer, duller finish, choose our Matt

What does the finish look like?

The overall finish will always depend on the quality of the
concrete surface underneath. Generally, this gloss sealer will finish clear
with a hint of shine. It will look like your driveway does when it’s clean and


If you’re not sure how your patio or driveway might look, send
us some pictures
and we’ll be happy to advise.

Will this change the colour of the pattern imprinted concrete?

No, a gloss sealer like this on its own won’t change the
colour of your driveway or patio surface. It dries clear. If you want to do
that, you’ll need a colour tint
sealer add-in

Can I apply this driveway sealer myself?

Yes absolutely. If we can do it, you can do it too. It’s
quick and easy to apply with the right brush, bucket and sealer. All the
instructions you’ll need are on this page, and on the sealer tin.

How long before I can use the driveway?

You should wait as long as possible for the driveway (or
patio) to drive after applying the sealer. Ideally, you’ll need to wait at
least 4 hours before walking on it. Keep your car off it for a couple of days
to make sure that sealer is completely dry.

How much sealer will I need?

A 5-litre tub will cover around 20 to 25m² depending on the
quality of the surface and the way you apply it. A 25-litre tub should give you
ample sealer for most driveways and patios, with some left over if you need to


If you’re not sure how much you need, send us some
of your concrete surface and the area, and we’ll let you know.

What do I need to do to the concrete surface before applying this?

To get the best results, you’ll need to make sure the
surface is as a clean as possible and wait for a completely dry day. Do not
apply when there is any moisture in the air as it will react with the sealer.


Our driveway
and patio cleaner
can help your clean the concrete beforehand.

How long does this concrete gloss sealer last?

An application of pattern imprinted concrete sealer will
last for between and 3 and 5 years, depending on the quality of the surface
underneath. For the best results (and maximum protection) we recommend
re-sealing your drive and patio ever couple of years.

Why do I need to seal my drive?

Sealing your concrete driveway or patio will protect the
surface from bad weather, wear and tear, crumbling concrete and much more. It
brings the surface back to life and makes it last longer. It also makes it
easier to clean and maintain.

What do I need to do after sealing?

When you’ve sealed your concrete with BergPro, all you need
to do is basic cleaning every now and then. There shouldn’t be any maintenance

Is this a wet look concrete sealer?

Yes, this gloss version of our imprinted concrete sealer
gives a wet look finish.

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