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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Anti-Slip Sealer Add-In

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Anti-Slip Sealer Add-In

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The quick and simple way to make your pattern imprinted concrete less slippery.  

What is it?
BergPro’s Anti-Slip additive is to mix in with our imprinted concrete sealers.

Why use it?
Pattern imprinted concrete drives and patios can be slippery, especially if they’re on a slope. Just add BergPro Anti-Slip to your concrete sealer and you’ll massively increase the slip resistance.

Use BergPro Anti-Slip Sealer add-in to:

  • Stop concrete drives and patios being super slippery
  • Add extra resistance for sloped concrete driveways and patios
  • Mix with imprinted concrete sealers for extra slip protection
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    Get the most from your anti-slip sealer add-in

    How to use:

    • 1. Mix one full 500g tub in with a 25 litre tub of concrete sealer
    • 2. Stir well, and then give it a quick stir every 20 mins to make it all stays mixed.
    • 3. Add to your second coat of imprinted concrete sealer only (or first coat if you only need one)

    Coverage & amounts:

    One 500g tub should be added for every 25 litres of concrete sealer.

    Top tips & tricks:

    • Make sure the anti-slip add in is fully mixed in with your concrete sealer
    • Keep stirring at regular intervals to stop the anti-slip settling at the bottom
    • Only use on the top coat of sealer, unless you have a very porous surface
    • Talk to us if you have an extra steep driveway or patio and want to add extra anti-slip protection

    Technical specifications:

    Health & Safety
    BergPro Anti-Slip is non toxic . Do not take internally.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Flush effected areas with water. Refer to concrete sealer pages for more detail. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Is this concrete driveway paint? 

    No, this isn’t driveway paint – but that’s a good thing! Painting a concrete driveway with ordinary exterior paint is not a good idea. It will flake and become very slippery – looking ugly and potentially being dangerous. 

    If you want to paint your concrete driveway, this tints the sealer you’d apply like paint, and gives really good results! 

    Can I change the colour of my driveway? 

    If you want to change the colour of a concrete driveway or patio, we’d recommend sharing some pictures to ask our experts. It all depends on your existing colour and condition. If you’re after a darker look, then yes, a darker colour tint – like steel grey or charcoal – will help you change your driveway colour. 

    Will this restore a faded drive or patio?

    Every drive and patio is different, so send us some pictures first to see if this is the right product for you. But our customers have had excellent results tinting old, worn driveways with this colour tint. You might not get the exact same colour, but you’ll certainly have a fresh look. 

    Can I paint my driveway or patio with this? 

    Yes and no. This isn’t driveway or patio paint, but it’s the best product to use if you want the look of a painted surface on concrete. It’s a tint you add to a sealer, then you apply the sealer (a bit like painting, but much easy to brush on). It won’t peel or flake like paint, and it won’t be slippery (especially if you add in extra anti-slip). 

    Does this colour concrete? 

    This tint is added to the sealer. The sealer is then applied on top of your concrete surface. If you’re looking to colour concrete before it’s poured, get in touch and we’ll help you find the right product. 

    How do I get a lighter colour? 

    Our colour tint add-in is a powder that comes in a small tub. If you want a lighter touch, just add less powder to your sealer mix. We recommend adding a little at a time to get the colour you want – and testing it on your surface. You can always apply a second coat if you want a darker look. 


    It’s always easier to go darker with a colour tint. If you have a dark driveway or patio already and you want to go lighter, you might get mixed results. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options before buying. 

    What do I use this colour tint with? 

    This colour tint is designed to be mixed into one of our pattern imprinted concrete sealers – either our matt or gloss finish. 

    What colours do you have to paint a patio? 

    Our colour tint powder comes in 25 different colours, from greys and blacks, to stone and red colours. Have a look at the colour chart in the images above to see which you’d like. 

    Will this work on a grey driveway? 

    Yes, our customers have had great results using both our slate grey and steel grey colour tints to revive an older grey driveway and bring it back to life with a fresh new look. Remember, it’s always best to go for a slighter darker colour than your existing colour, to avoid any patches showing through. 

    Is this the same as patio paint? 

    No, this is a colour tint add-in, that you mix with a sealer for concrete patios. It’s designed especially for pattern imprinted concrete patios, where traditional paint is often ineffective. 

    What is this tint like? How do I apply it? 

    The colour tint is a fine powder. You just mix it into your sealer – adding a little at a time to get the colour you want. Make sure you keep stirring your sealer when brushing it onto the surface, as the powder can often settle at the bottom. 

    How much do I need to mix into my sealer? 

    One small tub should easily be enough for one of our full size 25 litre concrete sealer tubs. It gives a strong colour from just a small amount. 

    Does this work for old driveways? 

    It can do yes, depending on the condition of your driveway. One customer recently used this with our concrete sealer on a driveway that was 20 years old, and now it almost looks brand new. It’s a quick, simple way to get a stunning new look. 

    Will this work on a concrete patio that’s not imprinted?

    With the right sealer, yes, this can be applied to concrete slabs or poured concrete that hasn’t been printed. Just send us a picture and we can double check before you buy. 

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