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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Chip and Crack Repair

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Chip and Crack Repair

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The super simple way to fix chips and cracks in your pattern imprinted concrete drive or patio.

What is it?
BergPro’s chip and crack repair compound for concrete driveways and patios. Choose from 25 different colours.

Why use it?
Repair wear and tear on your pattern imprinted concrete without the big costs! With a quick mix of BergPro Chip and Crack Repair, simply paste over cracks and chips in your damaged drive or patio and it’ll look as good as new!

BergPro chip and crack repair is the ideal way to:

  • Fill in unsightly cracks in concrete driveways and patios
  • Fix any chips or dents from heavy dropped objects
  • Touch up worn edges or chipped corners of your driveway
  • Bring an old concrete drive or patio back to life without spending a fortune
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      Get the most from your chip & crack repair

      How to use:

      • 1. Clean your driveway or patio with a power washer and our BergPro driveway and patio moss cleaner a few days before
      • 2. Mix with water or concrete sealer to form a paste
      • 3. Fill in cracks, chips and edges with a filling knife
      • 4. Brush the powder straight into very fine cracks and then cover with water or sealer

      Coverage & amounts:

      Comes in a 0.5kg tub that should provide ample amounts for most driveways and patios

      Works well with:

      • BergPro Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer – Matt Finish
      • BergPro Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer – Silk Finish

      Frequently asked questions

      How does the powder work? What do I do with it?

      When you get the chip and crack repair powder, simply mix a small amount with water until it forms a paste. Then, as with any filler, you can just paste it into chips, gaps and cracks and wait for it to dry. You can even brush the powder directly into really think cracks and just sprinkle or pour a little water on.

      How can I fix really thin, hairline cracks in my concrete patio?

      Getting a paste into thin cracks can be a challenge, but because this chip and crack repair comes in powder form, you can simply brush the powder across the surface straight into the cracks. Pour over some water and let it set.

      But if the cracks are really small, you might be best just re-sealing the surface as that will cover and protect the whole area (and you most likely won’t be able to see small cracks when you’ve re-sealed!)

      Can I use this to repair my concrete drive?

      Yes… depending on how much repair needs doing. Think of this like filler. It’ll repair small cracks, chips and holes, but it won’t fix large broken areas or crumbling concrete unfortunately.

      Why do I need to choose a colour for this concrete repair paste?

      Our concrete repair compound comes in 25 different colour options to help you match the colour of your existing drive or patio. Just pick the one that closest matches your current colour or send us some pictures and we’ll help you decide which will work best.

      What do I mix to make a driveway crack repair paste?  

      All you need is the Chip and Crack Repair Tub and some water. You just tip some powder in a small container and add water to turn it into a paste. Quick and simple.

      Can I use to fix cracks in the concrete floor in my garage?

      Yes, this paste can be used to repair small cracks in concrete garage floors.
      Should I repair my concrete drive before sealing it?

      If you have some chips or cracks in your driveway that you want to fill in, then yes, you’ll need to use this Chip & Crack Repair BEFORE you apply sealer. If you only have minor cracks on your drive, then you might not need to use this repair paste. Applying sealer will fill in and cover hairline cracks, protecting the surface underneath.

      Can I use this repair compound on tarmac?

      Yes, you can use this on tarmac, with the charcoal or deep red repair paste, depending on the colour of your tarmac. We’d recommend fixing up any cracks or chips and then protecting the whole surface with our Tarmac Restorer.

      Do I apply this dry, and then add water, or do I mix it before hand?

      The easiest option is to mix up a paste by adding water to the powder in a small container, and then use a trowel or filling knife to apply to cracks and chips. But for very thin cracks, you can brush the powder in dry and then water the area afterwards.

      Will this chip and crack repair match with my existing driveway colour?

      That all depends on your existing surface. We’ve got 25 different shades to choose from, and we can help you find the right colour if you send us some pictures. But as with any paint, colour or sealer, there will always be minor variations. But if you’re going to re-seal your drive after repairs, that will help make sure you whole drive matches and looks great, so don’t worry.

      Can I use this to fix a chip that’s about half an inch, around the size of a penny?

      Yes, this chip and crack repair paste should work well for a chip about that size. The bigger the chip or hole, the more likely you’ll find the repair paste breaks loose again over time, which is why it’s always important to keep your drive or patio sealed and protected.

      Do I have to wait for the crack repair compound to dry before sealing?

      Ideally, yes, but the chip and crack repair paste is fast drying, so you shouldn’t have to wait more than 20 minutes or so. By the time you’ve applied it and got ready to seal the surface, you should be good to go.

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