How to seal your own driveway – Your 9 step guide

How to seal your own driveway – Your 9 step guide

If you want to keep the outside of your home looking amazing AND save money doing it, then you’ll want to know how to seal your own driveway.

You’ll be asking yourself questions like:

  • How do I look after a concrete or block paving drive?
  • How do I keep my pattern imprinted concrete driveway looking good? 
  • What do I do to protect my drive from wear and tear?
  • Can you spruce up an old driveway quickly and cheaply? 
  • Can I bring a tired looking block paving drive back to life? 

We’ve got answers to all your questions and more.

We can show you exactly how to look after your driveway, and how to revive any old, tired and worn looking pattern imprinted concrete or block paving to make it look as good as new.

Most importantly, for the biggest question on your mind – Can you seal a concrete driveway yourself?” – the answer is a great big yes. Absolutely. Definitely.

And it’s pretty simple when you know how (and you have the right products to help!)

 finished driveway seal

Why do you need to seal your driveway?

Because your driveway surface needs protecting, it’s as simple as that.

New block paving or new pattern imprinted concrete driveways all have sealer applied to create an extra layer of protection. This sealer keeps dirt and water out, and helps prevent cars and people wearing away the surface underneath.

But over time, that sealant starts to wear away. It needs replacing to keep your driveway protected.

Applying a regular seal to your driveway every few years will:

  1. Restore and revive its original colour and look 
  2. Prevent cracks, damage and loose blocks
  3. Protect the surface from spills and stains 
  4. Increase its lifespan 
  5. Save you money on long term repairs and replacements

And sealing your own driveway yourself is quick and easy…

 Concrete driveway worn out faded seal

1. Clean your driveway (properly)

Before you apply any sealer, you’ll need to get your old drive as clean as possible. All that dirt and grime? You want it gone.

Use Berg Pro’s Driveway and Patio Super Cleaner to make light work of it. All you need to do is mix it with water and brush across your drive, then rinse with water.

If you’ve got a super dirty drive – or one that’s full of moss, green algae and black lichen spots, you’ll need a heavy duty cleaner.

Berg Pro’s Super Cleaner will help you’ll get rid of any stubborn green stains in no time. You won’t even need a power washer!

Cleaning tools for concrete driveway

2. Repair any cracks or chips

Next, if your old concrete driveway has any cracks or chips, you’ll want to repair them before you seal it.

Don’t worry about small cracks – your sealer will cover up those little lines.

But if your concrete has a little bit of damage, then just grab some Berg Pro Chip and Crack Repair in your driveway colour. All you have to do is mix and paste.

 chip and crack repair concrete drive

3. Decide the type of finish you want

Get your sealer bought so you have it ready to apply when the timing’s right. Simply decide what type is right for your drive – matching both the surface and the finish.

gloss sealed concrete drive

4. Wait for a completely dry day

After cleaning your driveway, you need to wait for the surface to be completely dry. Not “just about dry”. Totally bone dry.

Any moisture on the surface will affect your sealer, so make sure it’s absolutely, completely dry before you start to seal.

Double check the weather forecast – you’ll want a good 6 hours after applying before it rains.

 PIC drive sunny day

5. And make sure it’s not too hot or too cold

Temperature can affect your sealer too. It’s best applied between 8 and 20°C… so don’t decide to re-seal your drive in the dead of winter or the middle of summer.

Wait for a nice dry day that isn’t scorching hot.

 Bucket and brush for sealing driveway

6. Grab a good brush and a bucket

A brush is always the best way to apply sealer to your driveway. It keeps a nice even finish and gets right into all the cracks.

But you’ll need a good brush – like our pro sealer broom. It’s got super strong, super soft bristles, which means it absorbs more of the sealer each time and can be re-used again and again.

It just makes the job a whole lot easier.

Get a good large bucket too, so you’re not messing around trying to squeeze a big brush into a smaller bucket.


Adding colour tint and anti slip to sealer

7. Mix in anti-slip (and colour tint) to your sealer

Both concrete and block paving surfaces can be slippery, especially if there’s an incline or decline – which, let’s face it, most drives have one or the other.

We always recommend adding some Berg Pro Anti-Slip to your sealer.

It’s quick and easy to mix in and just gives you that extra layer of slip protection.

If you want to restore colour to your driveway (or change the look), then add colour tint to your sealer here too.  


Applying sealer to concrete drive

8. Dip and brush

Once you’ve done all the prep, sealing your own driveway is really quick and simple.

Just grab your sealant mixture (with anti slip), dip your brush into the bucket, and then brush over your driveway surface.

Start at one end and work your way backwards. Keep your brush moving and apply evenly – don’t let the sealer pool in any one area.

You only need a thin layer of sealer, so it really is just like moving your brush across your drive as if you were sweeping it.

Super simple, super effective.

 Finished driveway seal

9. Wait at least 4 hours

That’s it, you’re done. The vast majority of driveways only need one coat of sealer, but if your drive is extremely worn, you might need a second coat.

Before you apply a second coat – and before you walk on it – wait at least 4 hours for the sealer to set and dry.

Ideally, give it a day or two before you drive a car onto it.

With Berg Pro, it’s easy to seal your own driveway

Follow these 9 simple steps, and with the right products in hand, you’ll seal your own driveway in no time at all – and more importantly – with very little effort!

And you’ll save a fortune compared with paying a professional to do it!

All you need to get started is your Berg Pro sealers, cleaners and brushes, and then you can Revive Your Own Drive.



Concrete drive before sealer


concrete drive after sealer

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