Types of driveway sealer: Understanding the difference between matt, gloss and satin

Types of driveway sealer: Understanding the difference between matt, gloss and satin

If you’re looking for the perfect type of concrete or block paving sealer to protect your driveway or patio surface, you’ve come to the right place.

Sealing your pattern imprinted concrete drive or block paving patio is a really simple DIY project, and the difference is huge. A quick, simple re-seal – with either a matt, gloss or satin sealer, can transform the look and feel of your surface, bring old driveways back to life and revive a tired looking patio.

But which type of sealer is right from your home?

Just like paint, driveway and patio sealers come in several different types of finish:

  1. Matt
  2. Gloss
  3. Satin


Because each is made up of a slightly different consistency and formulation, to give a different final look to your drive or patio when it’s applied.

Some homes lend themselves to a softer, more understated look, others stand out more with a brighter, shinier look. Often, it comes down to personal taste.

So what look and finish do you want for your concrete or block paving?

Choose a Matt sealer for a natural, duller, non-reflective look

Matt sealers for block paving – or concrete – give your driveway or patio a natural, non-reflective finish.

Matt is perfect if you want a more subtle, understated look. A matt sealer is really good for uneven surfaces and is a great choice if you want to hide any flaws or imperfections in the concrete or block paving.

Typically, the finish with a matt sealer is duller. It doesn’t shine or reflect light. It’s often a good choice for period homes, where you don’t want to alter the appearance of the driveway or patio, and want to show off the surface underneath.

matt driveway sealer

Choose a Gloss sealer for a vibrant, polished wet-look

Applying a concrete gloss sealer – or one for block paving – will give your driveway or patio a shiny, polished look.

Gloss sealers are perfect if you want the surface to really stand out, reflecting light with a bright, vibrant finish.

If you want to boost the aesthetic appeal of your driveway or patio, enhance existing colour (or add a new bold colour), this is the option for you.

It looks sharp and elegant, darkening the surface slightly and providing a final ‘wet-look’ finish – even once it’s dry.

gloss driveway sealer

Choose a Satin sealer for a balance between matt and gloss

If you like the idea of a brighter gloss finish, but don’t want too much shine – then a satin sealer is the best choice for you.

Satin sealers for concrete driveways and patios blend the benefits of both matt and gloss, giving a slight sheen without being too shiny. The finish is less reflective than gloss, but not as dull as matt.

How to decide which sealer to use on your drive or patio

Ultimately, all concrete and block paving sealers do the same job. They protect your surface, from stains, wear and tear and the weather, adding a strong, durable coating to the top of your drive and patio.

All types of sealers give excellent protection. All are easy to clean and maintain. And all should include anti-slipto add an extra layer of safety when walking on them.

So deciding whether you want a matt, gloss or satin sealer comes down to personal taste and preference.

  • Do you want a soft, understated finish? Pick a matt sealer
  • Do you want a bright, shiny wet-look finish? Pick a gloss sealer
  • Do you want somewhere in the middle? Pick a satin sealer.

Once you’ve chosen the sealer you want, follow our simple 9-step guide to sealing your own driveway.

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