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Sealer Repair Fluid

Sealer Repair Fluid

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The quick, easy way to remove white spots and fix milky looking concrete/block paved areas.

What is it?
BergPro’s sealer repair fluid for pattern imprinted concrete/block paved areas.

Why use it?
If your driveway has white, milky-looking marks over it, sealer repair fluid can help you fix it in no time at all. Use it to repair driveway sealant that has bloomed – usually where the surface was damp – to loosen the seal and allow air and moisture to escape. 

BergPro sealer repair fluid is the ideal way to: 

  • Remove any white spots, white marks and white milky residue on your driveway or patio
  • Fix blooming issues caused by dampness or moisture
  • Repair any old or incorrectly applied concrete sealer
  • Restore existing imprinted concrete sealer to the way it should look
  • Rejuvenate worn or poorly installed concrete drives or patios
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      Get the most from your sealer repair fluid for concrete driveways

      How to use:

      • 1. Clean your driveway or patio with a power washer and our BergPro surface cleaner a few days before
      • 2. Make sure the surface is completely bone dry before using
      • 3. Pour the BergPro sealer repair fluid into a CLEAN bucket
      • 4. Use a BergPro soft brush to cover the affected area with the repair fluid
      • 5. Wait a couple of minutes for the surface to go sticky
      • 6. Work the brush firmly into the area to help the sealant go soft and release trapped air and moisture

      Coverage & amounts:

      One litre of sealer repair fluid will cover around 3 - 4m², depending on the surface condition.

      Top tips & tricks:

      • Make sure you stir the sealer repair fluid well before using
      • Do not disturb the sand if using this product on block paving
      • Only use on the desired area, you do not need to do the whole area if it is not all white/ milky looking

      Technical specifications:

      Health & Safety

      Flammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep application area well ventilated. Wear respirator, gloves and safety glasses when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 42°C (Abel-Closed Cup). 

      Frequently asked questions

      Does this get rid of white spots on my concrete patio?

      Depending on the cause of the white spots, yes, this sealer
      repair fluid can fix any white, cloudy spots caused when moisture interacts
      with the sealer. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, take a few pictures
      and send them across to us and we’ll take a look to see what we

      Can I use this sealer repair to fix a blooming issue with pattern imprinted concrete?

      Yes, if you’ve got blooming in your concrete caused by water
      (rain or retained moisture) then this sealer repair fluid is exactly what you

      Will this sealer repair change the colour of my concrete driveway?

      No, this won’t affect the primary colour of your concrete
      surface. It will change and remove the white-looking colour if it does its job
      though, restoring your concrete to its original colour.

      My driveway has a white milky look to it after applying sealer, will this help?

      Yes most likely. It’s probably that your driveway still had
      some water or moisture on it when the sealer was applied. This repair fluid
      helps the sealer go tacky so it can re-bond correctly – without the water

      How does sealer repair fluid work?

      The sealer repair fluid works by effectively softening and
      lifting the applied sealer, so that it can ‘re-set’ and re-bond to the dried
      surface without interacting with any moisture.

      Can you help please, I applied sealer to my block paving patio and it rained shortly after. It’s now gone all white and cloudy.

      Don’t worry, this happens whenever water interacts with the
      sealer, but it’s easy to fix. Just use this sealer repair fluid – apply it
      generously to the affected areas, working it into the surface until the seal
      goes tacky (soft and sticky). Then just leave it to re-bond on its own.

      What do I have to do to repair sealer on my concrete driveway?

      With this sealer repair fluid, all you need to do is apply
      it generously to any areas where the sealer needs repairing. Leave it a couple
      of minutes to take, then brush vigorously with your broom to work it into the
      surface. You’re basically softening the sealer so it goes back to the tacky
      state when you first applied it. Then you just leave it alone to re-bond

      Does this work on all types of sealers?

      This sealer repair fluid is only designed to work with
      solvent-based sealers, like our matt
      and gloss
      printed concrete sealers and our block paving sealer.

      Will this work on large white areas, or only on small patches that need fixing?

      If the white discolouration was caused by blooming –
      interaction with water – then this can repair the entire seal, right across the
      whole drive – as long as your brush it in effectively to every area. Send us
      some pictures first
      and we’ll double check it can help.

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