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Tarmac Restorer

Tarmac Restorer

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The super simple way to restore and refurbish old tarmac driveways and patios.

What is it?
BergPro’s easy-to-apply restorer for tarmac driveways and patios.

Why use it?
If you have a tarmac driveway (or patio) that you need to bring back to life with fresh colour and cover, this is the restorer for you. It’ll transform old tarmac and make your asphalt look brand new – as well as adding an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. 

BergPro is the perfect tarmac restorer to:

  • Revive old, and worn tarmac driveways and patios
  • Replace lost colour
  • Protect from stains and spills like oil, petrol and diesel
  • Protect from wear, tear and everyday use
  • Strengthen your tarmac driveway or patio
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Get the most from your tarmac sealer

How to use:

  • 1. Clean your driveway or patio with a power washer a few days before
  • 2. Make sure it’s completely bone dry on the day you want to seal
  • 3. Mix well (check for sediments) and grab a BergPro roller
  • 4. Brush or roll across the tarmac surface in thin layers
  • 5. Leave to 4 hours between coats
  • 5. Wait 4 hours to walk on it (Give it a couple of days before driving on it)

Coverage & amounts:

One litre typically covers around 2m². If your surface is in a bad condition or more porous, you’ll need a little more.

Most seals and re-seals require two coatings. 

Top tips & tricks:

  • Wait until a completely dry day to apply, with no rain forecast
  • Blow or brush the surface before you apply – don’t use any water
  • Too hot or too cold? Wait another day. Tarmac sealer works best in temperatures between 12 and 22°C
  • Keep your brush or roller moving around so you don’t let the sealant pool and congeal
  • Don’t apply your 2nd coat of tarmac sealer too soon. Wait for at least 2 to 4 hours
  • Don’t put rocks salts on sealers. It can help let water in and break the seal.
  • Your seal should last for 3 to 5 years. Pop a fresh coast of sealer on then to keep your driveway or patio looking sparkling new.

Technical specifications:

Technical & Test Data

Has been tested by the TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and certified that it meets the SRV (Skid Resistance Value) for all categories of paving for local authority pedestrian areas and when heavily trafficked is suitable for special applications where risks of skidding are high as laid down in the UK Highway Authorities Tender Specification.

Health & SafetyFlammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep the application area well ventilated. All work should be carried out with safety goggles, mask and gloves.

Frequently asked questions

Does this replace tarmac that’s faded and thinned through wear and tear?

Yes, that’s exactly what this tarmac restorer does. It
replaces the lost resin that gets worn away over time and builds up a stronger
thicker layer of tarmac. It also adds a layer of protection to extend the life
of your tarmac too.

How long does this tarmac restorer last for?

That all depends on weather conditions and how often the
surface gets used, but generally, this restorer should last for between 3 and 5
years. If you want to keep the tarmac in the best possible condition, we
recommend adding a new top coat layer every 2 years or so.

Is this restorer like a tarmac sealer? Will it protect my drive?

It’s very similar yes, and you’ll often see this tarmac
restorer referred to as a tarmac sealer or sealant. As well building up lost
resin in your tarmac, this restorer adds a layer of protective seal over the
top of the surface, reducing future damage or repairs.

Is the tarmac restorer easy to apply?

Yes! All you need is a roller or brush, and you can apply it
straight onto the tarmac surface.

Can I use this for tarmac repairs on my driveway?

On the whole, yes, but it depends on the extent of damage.
This is a general repair and restore product, to replace lost resin and worn
out area. It won’t repair large cracks or chips or fix any major damage to
tarmac unfortunately… but it does help prevent that damage happening in the
first place!

Is this like a paint for a tarmac drive?

It’s not bitumen paint, but it is kind of similar – and much
more effective. It will re-create the colour of your original tarmac drive,
bringing it back to life. And you do apply coats like you would with paint. But
it has the added benefit of restoring and protecting the tarmac surface.

How do I prepare my drive before I apply this?

All you need to do is give your tarmac drive a quick wash (using
the hosepipe or soft setting on a jet wash) to rinse off all loose debris. Then
leave it to dry thoroughly (wait a few days) before applying the Tarmac

Do I need to clean my drive before applying this tarmac reviver?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to wash away any loose stones
and dirt. If your tarmac is covered in moss, you’ll want to get rid of that
first too.

How many coats do I need to apply?

Typically we find most customers need to apply two coats of
Tarmac Restorer to get the best results, but it depends on the quality of the
surface. A base coat and top coat work best, but if you’ve stayed on top of
protecting the tarmac, one application of top coat every couple of years might
be all you need.

What do I need to apply tarmac restorer? 

All you’ll need is a good brush or a roller, and
maybe a large bucket
to make dipping your brush/roller easier. It’s very simple.

How often do I need to restore tarmac if cars are driving on it every day?

You’ll find that all tarmac wears down over time, and it all
depends on the frequency of use. As a general rule of thumb, our tarmac
restorer lasts between three and five years. If you use the restorer as a
tarmac sealer, a single top coat application every two years should keep your
drive well protected.

How long do I need to wait before walking or driving on the tarmac?

You’ll need to wait at least 4 hours for the sealant to set
and dry before you can walk on it. We would say keep any cars or vans off the
drive for a minimum of 24 hours after you’ve applied the restorer too.

Why do I need to wait for my driveway to be completely dry?

If you want to do a great job reviving your tarmac, you need
the surface to be completely dry. Any water or moisture on the surface can work
as barrier, preventing the sealer from forming correctly over the tarmac. It
becomes harder work and might not give the protection or restoration you want.

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