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Roller Application Kit

Roller Application Kit

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Everything you need to apply sealer to block paving and tarmac drives or patios.

What is it?
BergPro’s roller application kit, with roller tray, roller handle, roller frame and roller head.

Why use it?
Get everything you need to apply your own driveway or patio sealer to block paving or tarmac. Just pour the sealer in the tray, dip in the roller and away you go.

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    Get the most from your roller application kit

    Top tips & tricks:

    • Don’t use for sealing pattern imprinted concrete – a soft broom is much more effective there

    Watch our how-to video:

    The top benefits of BergPro

    • Restore

      Bring your original concrete finish, style and colour back to life.

    • Revive

      Get a great looking and longer-lasting drive or patio again.

    • Protect

      Maximum protection against spills, stains and damage.

    • Transform

      Super easy to use, super easy to transform your driveway and patio.