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2 gallon contractors sprayer

2 gallon contractors sprayer

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What is it?

The Berg Pro 2 gallon contractors sprayer is the perfect tool for applying commercial cleaning products and harsh chemicals. With its easy to clean filter system and non- corrosive shut off with comfortable grip, it really is one of the best and safest tools for applying any sort of sealant or chemical.

Why use it?

Berg Pro contractors sprayer comes complete with a safe and stable base to allow the sprayer to stand alone and storage for the wand in order to keep as compact as possible when storing away. The pressure release valve will stop any chemicals from coming in to contact with you before using the sprayer.

Our Berg Pro contractors sprayers comes with five nozzles so will be compatible with whatever you chose to use inside it. Note: Sprayers must only have use of one product i.e if using the sprayer for sealing, you must not use this same sprayer for our cleaning products.

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Get the most from your contractors sprayer

How to use:

  • 1. Unscrew the lid of the sprayer
  • 2. Pour in your chosen product
  • 3. Screw lid back on and you are ready to use
  • 4. Use the lance and trigger to allow your product to flow through

Coverage & amounts:

The sprayer will hold up to 2 gallon/ approx 9 litres of your chosen product

Top tips & tricks:

  • Keep upright and on a level ground when pouring in your product
  • Ensure all nozzles and lids are connected properly before us
  • Use our Sprayer and Brush Cleaning Fluid after use to ensure your sprayer has been cleaned out properly

Technical specifications:

Health & Safety
Avoid contact with eyes.  Clean sprayer as instructed after use.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between the contractors’ andhomeowners’ sprayer?

The main difference between the two sprayers is the range
and functionality. Th contractors’ sprayer has more nozzles (five) so you can
use it with a wide range of different sealers and chemicals. It’s also a little
more durable, suitable for contractors making regular applications.


If you just need a quick and simple sprayer for your home,
we’d recommend the homeowners’

Does this sprayer work with both sealers and cleaners?

Yes, this sprayer can be used for both sealers and cleaners,
but you need to decide which you want it for. It can only be used with ONE product. That means if you use it for sealing, you’ll need to get a separate sprayer for cleaning products (or vice versa).

Is this sprayer easy to clean and re-use?

Yes, it really is. It comes with an easy-to-clean filter
system and is designed to be re-used again and again for contractors. Just make
sure you do clean it fully after each application with our sprayer
cleaning fluid
, and it’ll last for years.

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