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Sprayer and Brush Cleaning Fluid

Sprayer and Brush Cleaning Fluid

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What is it?

BergPro’s sprayer and brush cleaning fluid is a solution that will keep your brushes and sprayers clean and ready to use again after being contaminated with sealing and cleaning products.

Why use it?
Berg Pro Sprayer & Brush Cleaning Fluid does exactly what it says on the tin. Instead of leaving your sprayers and brushes after use, we highly recommend cleaning with this so you are then able to use your tools time and time again.

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        Get the most from your sealer repair fluid for concrete driveways

        How to use:

        • 1. Clean your driveway or patio with a power washer and our BergPro surface cleaner a few days before
        • 2. Make sure the surface is completely bone dry before using
        • 3. Pour the BergPro sealer repair fluid into a CLEAN bucket
        • 4. Use a BergPro soft brush to cover the affected area with the repair fluid
        • 5. Wait a couple of minutes for the surface to go sticky
        • 6. Work the brush firmly into the area to help the sealant go soft and release trapped air and moisture

        Coverage & amounts:


        Top tips & tricks:

        Technical specifications:

        Health & Safety

        Flammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep application area well ventilated. Wear respirator, gloves and safety glasses when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 42°C (Abel-Closed Cup). 

        Frequently asked questions

        Do I need a special sprayer and brush cleaner?

        If you want to re-use your brushes and sprayers again and
        again, you’ll need to use a dedicated sealer cleaning solution like this one. White spirit or other paint cleaning chemicals won’t work with sealer.

        Can I use this to clean my homeowners’ sprayer?

        Yes absolutely. This is the perfect product for cleaning out all our sprayers after you’ve used them to seal your driveway or patio. All you need to do is pour the fluid into your sprayer and spray it back out to work it through all the components.

        How much of the fluid do I need to use for brushes and sprayers? Can I re-use it?

        For brushes, you just need enough solution to soak them for
        5 minutes. For sprayers, just pour into your sprayer, and then spray back into the container. The cleaning fluid can be recycled up to 30 times, so you don’t need to pour it away after each use.

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