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Sealing your MATT pattern imprinted concrete (0-60m2)

Sealing your MATT pattern imprinted concrete (0-60m2)

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Everything you need to seal or re-seal a small concrete drive or patio with a matt finish

If you want the quick hassle-free way to seal and protect your pattern imprinted drive in a matt finish – all you need to buy is this exclusive bundle.

What’s included?

It’s got everything you’ll need – sealer, brush, bucket, anti-slip and protective equipment – to bring a small pattern imprinted concrete drive or patio back to life with a stunning new seal in a matt finish.


  • 1x pattern imprinted concrete sealer (25 litre) (matt)
  • 1x Anti slip add in
  • 1x Sealing Broom
  • 1x Skuttle bucket
  • 1x PPE Kit

One click, and you won’t need to think of anything else.

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