The best way to de-ice your drive and prevent patio slips

The best way to de-ice your drive and prevent patio slips

With the winter setting in and frosty mornings already on the cards, you’ll want to know the best way to de-ice your drive and prevent patio slips.

What can you do to stop snow and ice forming on those surfaces you walk on and drive on? How can you make walking around your house and getting to your car safer, and minimise the danger of slipping or sliding?

We’ve got the top tips for winter snow and ice control on your driveway and patio. (But if you want to save time and skip ahead, just try Snow and Ice Thaw!


1. Don’t use traditional rock salt

You might think the best way to de-ice your drive is the same as the roads – with salt. But rock salt products that are available for home use are a bad idea.

There at least 5 reasons why you shouldn’t put salt on your driveway this winter


2. Don’t damage your drive or patio surface

One of those reasons is because rock salt can damage concrete surfaces… and many driveways and patios are made of concrete.

It mixes with snow and ice to create a brine that can seep through into the concrete (or metal or any other surface). This mixture then freezes again, expands, and cracks the surface. It thaws, it refreezes, it cracks, again and again.

Other products can stain or cause flaking issues. You need to find one that’s safe to use on concrete and block paving.

patio ice

3. Get a product that’s easy to apply and that actually works

When the cold icy weather does hit, the last thing you want to be doing is fighting the elements with something that only works half the time or needs applying every few hours.

Ice melt granules – like Snow & Ice Thaw - are one of the best ways to de-ice drives and patios because they’re so easy and so effective.

All you need to do is scatter them across the surface, and they get to work instantly. They melt ice and prevents re-freezing, so they work and then keeps working.

They break the bond between the ice and the ground, generating their own heat to melt ice and snow fast.


4. Make sure it works at all temperatures

Because Snow & Ice Thaw granules generate their own heat when interacting with ice and snow, it increases temperatures around the granules. That’s one of the reasons why they work at temperatures from freezing… right down to -30°C.

That’s brrrrr cold, colder than the lowest recorded temp in the UK… so they’ll definitely keep working throughout the winter.


dog walking on icy driveway

5. Check it’s both pet and home safe

Too many products on the market that claim to be de-icers contain dangerous chemicals. They can hurt pets’ paws, get eaten by dogs, cats and birds, and cause problems in your house.

Snow & Ice Thaw is pet-safe. It won’t cause hurt those little legs and is safe to apply outside on areas where they walk.

It’s also safe for the home too – no stains, no scratches, no damaged carpets. The best way to look after everyone at home, preventing slips and protecting people, pets and your property.


6. Pre-order Snow and Ice Thaw

So if you want to find the best way to de-ice your driveway and prevent patio slips – banishing snow and ice on all your concrete, tarmac and block paving surfaces, pre-order Snow & Ice Thaw.

Get yours in 5, 10 or 20 kilo buckets – enough to keep you sorted all winter long.

Stock is very limited, and with a bad winter forecast, now is the time to get your orders in and make sure you’re prepared.


7. Watch it work faster and 6 times more effectively

When your Snow & Ice Thaw arrives, delivered to your door, and you get the first signs of ice, just sprinkle it across your driveway and patio.

One quick application and you’ll see just how fast the ice melt granules works.

Remember – it’s up to six times more effective than regular rock salt!

Easy. Fast. Safe. Effective.

Now that sounds like the best way to de-ice a drive or patio!

Order your Snow & Ice Thaw now

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