5 reasons why you should always add anti-slip to your driveway and patio sealer

5 reasons why you should always add anti-slip to your driveway and patio sealer

The clue is in the name. Anti-slip additive is essential when sealing your drive or patio if you want to prevent slips!

This one isn’t a complicated or confusing product. Adding anti-slip to your sealer ‘increases slip resistance’ if you want the official term, which in practices means it makes your driveway or patio surface less slippery.

Adding it means you, your family and friends, and any visitors to your home are less likely to slip on your drive or patio.

It’s pretty simple, but if you need more reasons why you should always add anti-slip additive to your patio and driveway sealer:

1. Poured concrete is naturally smooth and slippery

Poured, pattern imprinted concrete is a naturally smooth surface, which is exactly what you want for a drive or patio. It looks great. But that smooth surface also means it can be slippery.

Adding anti-slip helps to add traction to that final finish, with a slightly rougher make up on a microscopic level.

2. It’s the safe, effective option to prevent slips

Concrete (and block paving) can become very slippery when wet, and it could pose a safety hazard for anyone walking on it – particularly young children or older adults.

A non-slip coating – achieved by adding an anti-slip solution to sealer – gives a textured surface that reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls – keeping you and others safe.

3. Anti slip additive gives you peace of mind

We always recommend adding anti-slip for that peace of mind. The last thing you want to worry about is slipping on your drive or patio every time you walk on it.

It’s a minor cost when sealing your driveway – compared with the cost of dealing with broken bones after a nasty slip.

4. It’s super easy to apply with your sealer

There’s basically no difference to your time or effort when re-sealing a drive, whether you use anti-slip or not – so you may as well add it in.

All you have to do is pour the small tub of anti-slip additive in your big tub of sealer, and mix.

That’s it. Then you just apply your sealer as normal. Super easy, super effective.

5. It won’t impact the look of your sealed surface

Perhaps the only reason you might not want to add anti-slip is because you’re worried it’ll impact the finish of your sealer – whether that’s gloss or matt.

But you don’t need to worry. Our anti-slip additive is completely clear and doesn’t impact the appearance of your sealer in any way.

Your drive or patio will look the same, whether you add anti-slip or not.

So make sure you add anti-slip!

Stay safe and add anti-slip – especially if your driveway is sloped or curved.

If you have an especially steep driveway, we often recommend doubling up with anti-slip for extra protection.

Get your anti-slip add in here.

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