The quick and easy way to clean moss from brick walls

The quick and easy way to clean moss from brick walls

If you’ve got any brick walls in your garden, along your driveway or down the side of your house that are often damp and shaded from direct sunlight, the chances are you’re familiar with moss.

It’s green, it’s slimy, and it’s a massive eyesore. It makes your walls look old and worn, which reflects badly on your house and garden.

But there is a hassle-free way to clean it off… in minutes. 

Why does moss grow on walls?

Moss loves to establish itself on porous surfaces – like brick – as it can easily attach and spread across the entire wall. It thrives in environments where there’s lots of moisture, so if you’ve got dripping drainpipes, poor drainage, or just anywhere that retains water, you’ll likely find moss.

And of course, moss loves British weather. As long as there isn’t any direct sunlight, moss will try and take hold.

So if you’ve got a mossy brick wall you want to clean, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

All you need is something you might not expect – our Driveway and Patio Super Cleaner.


Moss on brick wall

The fastest way to remove moss from walls

To get rid of moss off your brick walls, you could scrub and scrub and scrub with a brush, but you’ll feel it in your arms the next day.

You could blast the main pieces away with a power washer, but get too close or too strong and you could damage brickwork and wash away mortar.

Or you could use our Driveway and Patio Super Cleaner.

It eliminates moss and algae from surfaces on the ground, and it works just as well on brick walls.

All you have to do is spray on the solution, wait for 30 minutes to an hour, and then wash off with a hosepipe or power washer on a soft setting.

With next to no effort – and certainly no strenuous hard work – your walls will be free from moss and looking brand new.


Cleaned brick wall - no moss


What do you need?

All you need to clean moss from brick walls the quick and easy way is:

You don’t even need the ox sprayer if you have something at home to help you pour the super cleaner onto your bricks.

But as your wall is vertical, pouring the cleaner can be quite hard, and a sprayer makes the job super simple – as well getting the cleaning solution into all those cracks where moss can anchor itself.

That’s it, that’s all you need.

  1. Spray the super cleaner over the bricks
  2. Make a cup of tea while you wait 30 minutes
  3. Wash the cleaner off with a hosepipe or power washer and banish that moss for good!

Order your brick wall moss remover and super cleaner today.  

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